Dust matts

On average 80% of dust and dirt that enters a building is carried in on shoes. On average each person will carry in 7 grams of dust and dirt on their shoes. An effective dust control system can prevent up to 70% of dirt entering your premises. A reinforced edge ensures that the unique backing on all the mats are resistant to damage and enables the mat to lay flat preventing trips and falls. All Chatha Hygiene Mats have a multipurpose universal backing, are slip resistant and suitable for all floor surfaces. The range of mats available can be used in a variety of environments, in many different ways to protect existing floor covering. Mats are serviced and exchanged in situ at agreed service intervals. Standard mat size designed to give optimum protection.

Dust mat rental service
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Dust mat rental service
We offer a complete dust mat launder rental service. This is where we offer a lift and lay service to customers on a 2 weekly or monthly basis. more information and prices can be obtained on a sister companies website www.chathahygiene.com or call us on 0
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